Counselling by Janet Firth



We’re pleased to say we now have a counsellor who will be basing herself in our beautiful meeting room. 

Read about Janet’s passion for counselling below…

“My passion is people and I feel that it is a privilege to be a part of my clients’ journeys of self discovery and healing.  I felt driven to become a Counsellor as a result of being enormously helped through my own struggles by counselling.  Although I did not train in Christian Counselling, I am a Christian and a counsellor and I believe that the two complement each other beautifully – I offer a safe, caring space with unconditional positive regard and no judgement.  I am a relational counsellor who works integratively.  This means that I believe that our relationship is the most important part of the therapy:  my main aim is to foster a good working alliance through which you will feel safe enough to work through any issues you may choose.  My main core is Person Centred which means that you direct the pace and agenda within our sessions.  I may, however use Psychodynamic insights:  this means that we may look at what has happened within your life up until this point and how this is influencing your thoughts and feelings.  Should you choose, these insights can be used to assist you in long term change.  I may also integrate elements of Transactional Analysis, Mindfulness or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy  where appropriate.

I am able to work either long or short term.  I have experience of working with issues such as anxiety, depression, work related stress, relationship issues, bereavement, serious physical illnesses.  I also have extensive experience of working with sexual, physical and emotional abuse.  I have a background in Safeguarding Issues and experience of working within the emergency services and the pressures of the working culture and stresses and trauma that this type of work can cause.


I feel blessed to have the opportunity to work from such a beautiful, therapeutic setting and hope that you will feel blessed by this too.”

If you’re interested in finding out more and/or want to book a session with Janet, contact the Westwood office.