Answers to frequently asked questions.

Do you provide catering under any circumstances?
Sadly, no – you just can’t get the staff. The centre is completely self-catering, but it’s possible to order big supermarket shops to be delivered here, and we also have contact with some outside caterers if you’re looking to provide something special for your group.
I’m not religious – am I still allowed to come and stay?
Of course! The Westwood Christian Centre is run by Christians, and we obviously hope that all our guests experience God’s love and peace while here, but we welcome everyone on an individual basis, and we do not assume that our guests share the same core beliefs as us. We do however expect guests to respect our ethos.
Are the retreats guided?
No, the vast majority of guests just come and look after themselves. We do run events which have the feel of guided retreats, so take a look at our ‘Events and Packages’ page. We also have a trained counsellor on-site if you’re looking for some 1-to-1 listening, as well as opportunity for one of the Wardens to pray with you on requests.
Do you offer discounts?
Generally speaking, the discount is already included in the price. Westwood has always tried to keep costs to an absolute minimum for our guests, and running the place is a costly business. However, please see our Project Treasure page for information on how we can offer short breaks for those in particular need.
What’s the nearest train station?
The nearest station is Slaithwaite (pronounced ‘Slawit’), which is accessible from Huddersfield and Manchester Victoria. It’s a 1-mile uphill walk from there, or a 4 minute £5 taxi ride.
Can I bring a pet?
Unfortunately, due to on-site allergies, the current policy is that only Guide Dogs are allowed at the Centre.
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